Bedazzled... distressed... glittery... who needs that shit? Black and White. Simple and to the point.

Clothing Made Simple.

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We don't take ourselves too seriously, so if you see something on here that upsets you. Just think to yourself , should this website really upset me? The answer is "Yes" it should.

Never going to give you up and never going to let you down. Our motto

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Testimonials from real people around the world and definitely not Fake

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“This is the best clothing brand ever, its better than food, sex and even oxygen, believe it or not”


“Before discovering this amazing clothing brand, I was a loser that had no sense of fashion, but now I am a loser with a sense of fashion. Thank you Minimalist AF for helping me achieve all my dreams and goals by providing me with awesome clothes ”


“Minimalist AF saved my life, without their awesome range of clothes, I was just a nobody working a 9-5 job living paycheck to paycheck. Now I don't live paycheck to paycheck anymore because I spend all my money on their clothes and live with my mom again. BEST decision ever.


At first I was skeptical, $35 for a T Shirt??? But then I was like Fuck It, we are skipping the scratch cards for a week and we are buying this shirt. Let me tell you guys, best investment ever!!! My returns are about 20-30% in respect gained over a period of 2 weeks. Absolute Madness


I never leave reviews but after buying a few stuff on here, I feel compelled to write something. That something is very important, some might say even the most crucial piece of information known to the human existence. So just bare with me and read carefully. If this gets out or in the wrong hands, the whole clothing industry is in danger. So you might wonder what is this top secret super classified info?? Well its pretty simple, Minimalist AF sells dope ass clothes.


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