What the hell is this?

Minimalist As Fuck takes pride in providing well-designed yet simple clothing for those who have good taste and a sense of humor. We can't promise that our shirts will make you cooler, but we sure fucking hope they do!

We don't take ourselves too seriously, so if you see something on here that upsets you (like all the fucking swearing), then our bad! But maybe you shouldn't get hung up on the small shit. #keepit100

Dumb Fucking Questions.

"Omg like where are all the colors?"
Buy one of our shirts then get these.

"I don't like all the profanity."
Too fucking bad.

"Will you sponsor me so I can get free stuff and act like I'm going to take photos with it and promote it on my Instagram account that's mainly made up of fake followers?"

"Will you make custom shirts?"
Yep. There's a link for that on the bottom of every page.

"Can I get this shirt in pink?"
Sure. We will literally charge you $100 though. Contact us and we'll send you an invoice.

"Is this for real?"
Yes. I'm afraid it is.

"If I have four apples and eat one of them, how many apples do I have left?"
Three. You have three apples left.

Have any other dumb questions? We'd love to answer them; no question is too dumb! Heck, we might even feature it on this page! Just get a hold of us through the contact link.